Happy clean birthday !

This day is extraordinary … today you have been clean for a lot of « 24 hours at a time » ! But this day of recovery also becomes ordinary as your new lifestyle sets in… Just for today, and whatever happens, you will not consume!

Congratulations !

Congratulations on your abstinence, your recovery and the progress made. Your experience is strong, rich and unique.

Could you leave a message of gratitude (in comment on this page) in order to transmit the message to the other addicts ? It would be wonderful to be able to share our strength and our hope !

Again all my congratulations and I wish you the best !

Higher Power,
Take our will and our life,
Guide us in our recovery,
Show us how to live !

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Je suis dépendant. Je crois qu'il est possible d'arrêter de consommer et de se rétablir en vivant clean. Je souhaite partager mon expérience.

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  1. I pseudonym « MurDeFeu ». I have been clean since December 3, 2011. As of this writing, I have been clean for 8 years and 25 days. I am grateful to be clean and free from the obsession with consumption. I am grateful to have God and a fraternity of addicts in my heart. I am grateful to have a twelve-step recovery program in my life that makes it all possible. Thank you !

  2. I have been clean for TEN YEARS as of 2nd Jan and it feels super dooper cool ! I never dreamed I could be this happy and free. Thank you to all who support clean living

  3. God so Graciously gave me the Gift Life and a Special group of People! There’s no way I could ever repay. So my Gift back has got to be what I do with my life!! Today I understand « Grateful Addicts dont use!! 10 yrs

  4. My name is Emilio, 31 years old from Mexico. I am 2 years clean. I’m greatful with NA for giving me hope and show me that there is a new way to live. I am agree that with time birthday clean day becomes ordinary but for me I thought it was imposible not to use in 1 day. This way to share is not for me is for the newcommer to show him that is possible. ❤️

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